Our Herd

Our Herd June 1, 2018 32 Horses. That is our current number. A beautiful backdrop of chestnuts, paints, grays and appaloosas among many other colors that make up our beautiful herd. They are a mix of ages and breeds. A mix of gender and size. But, they are all our faithful Ranch horses. They’ve come Read More

Puppy Days

Puppy Days March 24, 2018 Every Ranch needs a Ranch dog.  A loyal, welcoming friend that makes everyone who enters feel right at home.  But, a king Charles caviler, does it really seem the most appropriate breed to fill the role of “ranch dog?” There have been countless beloved Ranch dogs over the years.  Going Read More

The Winter That Wasn’t

THE WINTER THAT WASN’T MARCH 12, 2018 To say this has been a strange winter is an understatement! We have had record breaking low temperatures, highs in the 50’s, sun, snow, ice and rain…and sometimes all in the same week. We kept thinking this was the winter we hadbeen waiting for. Snow came in December, Read More