The Introduction of Boardman Valley Saskatoon Berries

Planting the seed for continued growth

2012 marked thirty (30) years that we have been blessed with owning this beautiful Ranch. In the Spring of that same year we began our newest venture when we began planting and growing Saskatoon berries. These berries, a native of Canada, are relatively new to the area and we find that many people have not even heard of them-something we hope to change in the coming years.


This super fruit is extremely high in antioxidants and is known for its nutritional benefits. At a glance many people compare them to the blueberry although they slightly differ in size and color and from a nutritional standpoint, the Saskatoon berry is hard to compete with-they are packed with fiber and a great source of vitamins A and C as well as other essential vitamins. Research also shows this super fruit may help play a role in reducing heart disease and diabetes among other things. Saskatoons grow on a hardy bush and are known to be capable of withstanding cold winter months relatively easily. Saskatoons have a delicious flavor and are wonderful to eat on their own and can also easily be used in jams, jellies, wines, liqueurs, breads, muffins, sauces, syrups, glazes-there really is no limit with this berry.

In the coming years we plan to continue planting and expanding into the Saskatoon berry business. Each season brings new challenges and continued growth and knowledge about these berries and their many benefits. We hope to be able to introduce and share them with you by both bringing them to market and incorporating them into many of our own homemade dishes right here on the Ranch.

Interesting Nutritional Information on Saskatoons


Per 100gSaskatoon Berries
Energy84.84 Ca
Protein1.33 g
Carbohydrate18.49 g
Total Lipid (fat).49 g
Total Fibre5.93 g
Vitamin C3.55 mg
Iron.96 mg
Potassium162.12 mg
Vitamin A35.68 IU