Dates: August 20 – 23 2018
Time: 4:30 pm-6:20 pm daily
Cost: $225 per person. A discounted rate of $200 offered for our overnight guests.
Requirements: Sixteen (16) years old through adult. No horse or riding experience necessary.

Do you have the desire to learn more about horses? Whether you’ve never really had the opportunity to work with horses, but have always been intrigued by them, or you feel a bit fearful or intimidated by such a large animal, we are here to help! We are offering a mid-week horse program for adults and young adults. This camp will be open to anyone sixteen (16) years old and older who has a desire to learn more about horses.

To register please call LeeAnn at 231-947-9529 ext. 101.

We will start with the basics to ensure that you are confident and comfortable. Our instructors will assign you your own horse to work with based on your past experience. We want you to be paired with a horse you can work well with and form a relationship with which is why we take your experience and comfort level into consideration when making this decision. The program is centered around safety and some of the topics covered will include how to: approach, handle, lead, groom, tack, mount and dismount. You will then learn basic western riding. We whole-heartedly believe in laying a solid foundation from which to build upon, which is why we work up to the riding portion of camp. Riding will take place in a paddock and out on the trails. Most riding will be done at the walk where students will learn the basics of how to move and control their horse. Some students may work a bit in the jog/trot toward the end of camp.

You need no riding experience to attend camp-just a desire to learn. You will need closed toe boots or shoes and long pants. We also suggest clothing for inclement weather. We provide the helmets.

We are confident that this program will provide you will the knowledge and skill set needed to have a basic understanding of horses as well as a comfort level with them. Not to mention, we are certain you will have an excellent time during the program-horses certainly bring a sense of joy and peace to those who have the privilege of working with them.