Ranch Rudolf is the perfect place to bring your horses!  Surrounded by the Pere Marquette State Forrest and being on the Michigan Shore to Shore Riding and Hiking Trail offers ample space to explore by horseback.  Terrain varies from sand to hard packed gravel and trails are a mixture of narrow horse trails to wider snowmobile trails and seasonal roads.  Horses are allowed on most of the trail systems, excluding the cross country ski trails.

We do have “horse friendly” campsites that allow you to bring your horse throughout our season between May and October.  Please keep in mind that there may be some particularly busy weeks where horses are not allowed in the campground-the 4th of July week is the best example of this.

For those of you wishing to bring your horses, but who prefer not to camp, please understand that picketing in the campground is the only place to keep your horse.  So, although there is no additional charge to keep your horses on your site with you when camped there, additional charges will apply should you decide to stay in one of our rooms or bunkhouse.  Essentially, you would then have to rent a campsite for your horses to occupy.  Please also keep in mind that you will not be able to see your horses from a motel room or from the bunkhouse.

You will need to provide a proof of a negative coggins test upon approval.

We do ask that you be respectful when passing other horses on the trail, keeping in mind that the majority of our horseback riding guests who have rented horses with us have little riding experience.  Please do not ride up behind them and when intersecting on a trail, kindly pull off to let them by first.  You certainly have much more control of your horse than most of them do and being aware and respectful of this is greatly appreciated.


  • Available May (before Memorial weekend)
  • September (after Labor Day Weekend) or October
  • Some weeks are available during Summer season as well

Please call (231) 947-9529 for availability.

Visit the camping page for rates. Please have a copy of your current negative coggins test for each horse you are bringing with you. Enjoy endless miles of trails through the Pere Marquette State Forest. The Ranch is also located on the Michigan Shore-to-Shore Trail.

You will picket your horse right on your campsite with you.  Rates will vary depending on what it is you are camping in (please see camping page for pricing details-horse trailers with living quarters are priced in the same category as RV’s.)  There is no additional charge to bring your horses, but you do have to clean up your site before you leave, or additional charges will be applied.