Our Herd

June 1, 2018

32 Horses. That is our current number. A beautiful backdrop of chestnuts, paints, grays and appaloosas among many other colors that make up our beautiful herd. They are a mix of ages and breeds. A mix of gender and size. But, they are all our faithful Ranch horses.

They’ve come from all over the country. Six are new to us this year, some we have had close to 30 years. These horses are the backbone of our operation. They help create memories of first rides and unforgettable family vacations. They are our camp and lesson horses that help teach riders of all ages not only about horsemanship and western riding, but also about hard work, patience and how to slow down and unplug from the busy world around us. In the barn there is a calm, relaxing state. Smell the sweet hay, listen to the horses munch their food, watch the tails casually sway. Some of the greatest memories made start right here at the barn.