Puppy Days

March 24, 2018


Every Ranch needs a Ranch dog.  A loyal, welcoming friend that makes everyone who enters feel right at home.  But, a king Charles caviler, does it really seem the most appropriate breed to fill the role of “ranch dog?”

There have been countless beloved Ranch dogs over the years.  Going way back to the early days of Alex, Bandit, U-Omi and Max.  The first two were personally owned by Sid and Melody and rarely left their sides.  Everyone knew U-Omi-she loved to scour the campground for food and play fetch for hours on end.  And who could forget Max, the golden retriever who would literally spend hours digging baseball sized stones out of the Boardman River and making his trophy pile of rocks on the bank.  Caesar and Tara and other good dogs, and even a potbellied pig named Arnold, who thought he was more of a pet dog came and went over the years, each holding a special place in our hearts and each leaving their own mark on the place.  Mya, a labradane, is a bit slower these days, but can still be found playing in the mud and with the skunks.

And then there was Winston.  Winston.  A tri colored corgi with a personality as big as Texas.  Snowmobilers, horse camp families, campers and canoers-if you were at the Ranch at all between 2004 and 2016 you knew and loved Winston.  I know he is in camera rolls and photo albums across the country.  Winston spent much of his time in the barns with the horses and camp kids.  He could also be found swimming in the ponds and barking at the splashing water by the pool.  He would play ball with anyone and loved gator rides.  He laid on the front porch like a king, watching all the passersby who could not resist telling him how cute he was.  And he was.  He was the best and he is deeply missed.

Joined the Ranch Family February 2018

And now, meet EmmieLou.

EmmieLou is owned by Ranch daughter, LeeAnn and family, but she travels to the Ranch daily to learn her customer service skills and responsibilities.  She is a 3 month old tri colored pint sized caviler with a big heart and a tail that never stops wagging.  She certainly has big boots to fill around here.  Her biggest task at hand at the moment is she must learn, as have all our other dogs (and even the pig!) before her, not to cross the doorway to the restaurant.  She also needs to get a bit more comfortable around the horses, but we are working on all of that and she will get there in due time.

In the meantime, she is fulfilling her duty as official greeter.  She’s bringing smiles to faces, which is all that really matters.  I think she’s going to make it as a “ranch dog” after all, she’s just going to do it in her own style, with class the only way cavilers know how.